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ellie maltese dog breed

Ellie is a precious girl and a real attention seeker. She’s lucky enough not to have tear stains. Not due to my grooming practices – I hardly do a thing to her eyes. She makes grooming very easy. She’s as sweet as she can be and I’m lucky to have been trusted with her by her previous owner who could no longer keep her. She is not a show dog but is an excellent quality Maltese with a solid white coat, black points, and a silky coat and good structure. She was never considered a show dog because she came to me when she was older and had no previous training. She has VERY little tear staining and I’m really hoping to see this passed on to her offspring. Had she come to me sooner, I would have really enjoyed showing her!

Ellie is 6 lbs and full grown.
Breeding And Lineage Information:

Ellie and “Tater” (son of CH Quicksilver Cacao Cuppa Jo) are about 5 – 6 lbs each.

Tater was used as a stud for Ellie in order to improve the black points of my lines and bring in new genetics for future breedings. This breeding was planned in order to produce show quality prospects for my kennel. I will observe the puppies as they grow in order to determine which dog I would like to keep and provide loving homes for the other puppies in the litter.

I cannot guarantee a Maltese puppy will be show quality as that requires watching a dog grow over the span of many months. I will be able to say whether a dog has show potential but that is not a guarantee that they will grow into a show dog.

Show dogs are born with all of the things required to meet the breed standard but training, obedience, grooming, handling, socializing, and feeding play a huge role in the development of a show dog. I breed for the purposes of meeting the AKC standard and the puppies leave my care by 12 weeks of age, in most cases. For this reason, I  can only say whether a dog is or is not a potential show prospect because as they grow and change, their bodies, coats, and temperaments may change.


Mia maltese fort worth

This picture is of Mia as a puppy. I’ll soon be updating this page with a current picture of her. Mia is a very energetic girl and loves to play with everyone. She is very beautiful and has very minimal tear staining. Mia is a little too energetic for me to feel confident in showing her.  While she may be full of energy, she still has the charming personality of the standard Maltese and is is great at doing her job as lap dog.

Mia’s estimated size at full growth is  5 – 6 lbs.