Maltese Puppies For Sale In Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas

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I began breeding Maltese simply for the love of the tiny dog and for pet purposes. I quickly fell in love with the Maltese breed and the exciting world of dog shows! With the help of some amazing mentors, I have come to evolve my breeding purposes and am now breeding for show purposes to meet the AKC standard of the Maltese breed.

I’ve had many breeds of dogs in my lifetime but the personalities and beauty of Maltese led me in a new direction. If you haven’t experienced the love and personality of a Maltese puppy for yourself, you’ll soon learn how precious and amazing these tiny little toy lap dogs truly are!

If you’re looking for the perfect pet, I welcome you to explore this web site and learn more about my breeding lines and fall in love with some of the Maltese puppies for sale in Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas! I am also happy to offer shipping of my Maltese puppies for sale. If I don’t currently have puppies, you’re welcome to request to be added to the waiting list for immediate notifications of breeding dates and upcoming litters.

My Maltese and I live in the Cookville, Texas. I deliver to Dallas-Fort Worth area and I do provide shipping within the United States.


About Maltese Dogs and Puppies

Maltese are one of the smartest and most gentle of the toy breeds. The Maltese is very playful and enjoys playing games with their friends and family.

Although curious and fast, the Maltese doesn’t need much outside exercise time, but he does love to run around the yard and keep you company during walks. Larger breeds and even larger fowl may look at your Maltese as a tiny treat so your Maltese needs to be within a fenced area at all times. Depending on his size and the area you live in, you may need to watch your Maltese when he or she is outside, even in a fenced area due to large birds. Plenty of toy dogs have been swooped away by a large bird, never to been seen again.

Maltese are typically lovers of  one and all, though some lines or individual dogs are more confident and outgoing, and some are more standoffish or cautious. As with all people and animals, every Maltese has his or her own personality.

The amount of training and socialization you provide your Maltese also plays a huge role in how your Maltese’s personality turns out. If you treat your Maltese like a fragile baby or spoil him or her, he is likely to end up insecure, yippy and a big brat. Your Maltese should be required to show the same good manners as any other dog in your family and proper socialization and training will put him on the right start. Luckily, Maltese are fairly easy to train although potty training is a bit more complicated.

Many Maltese have excelled in competitive obedience and agility. However, they are notoriously difficult to housebreak! You may wish to consider an indoor litter box, potty pads, or a doggy door leading to a small covered portion of the yard. Excessive barking may also need to be controlled and training plays a part in barking matters too.

What People Love About Maltese Dogs and Puppies

A Maltese:

  • Is one of the smallest of all of the breeds
  • Is one of the smartest and most playful of the toy breeds
  • Is gentle with people and other pets
  • Has a precious face with very expressive eyes
  • Is hypoallergenic because she sheds very little

Grooming A Maltese

Maltese require regular grooming to keep them in tip top shape. Many Maltese owners choose to keep their Maltese in a puppy cut in order to cut down on brushing time. However, a full long coated Maltese must be brushed regularly to keep tangles and knots from forming in her hair.

If the hair on the top of the head is allowed to grow, at least slightly, many Maltese owners like to rubber band the hair.

Some people learn to  shave their Maltese on their own to cut down on grooming cost and many others take their Maltese for professional grooming services every 4-5 months.

Tear staining is a consideration with Maltese. Some lines of Maltese stain more than other lines. If both parents have minimum tear staining, the chances are higher that the offspring from their litters will have less tear staining as well. There are many shampoos and other products available to eliminate or reduce the appearance of tear stains in a Maltese. These products can be found at grocery stores, pet stores, and at online retailers.

Maltese Living Conditions

Breeds with very short coats and little or no undercoat, such as Maltese, are vulnerable to cold or very hot environments. Dogs with a low cold or heat tolerance need to live inside in cool climates and should have a jacket or sweater for chilly walks.

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